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“Why do I need to remodel my bathroom? I am sure I can still manage it with its awkward and terrible design.” If this is your mindset, then you will do well changing it. We will tell you why. Here are some of the terrible things a badly-designed bathroom can do to you:

  • Break your back – apart from having bad bacteria flying around which you can only prevent by cleaning up your bathroom from time to time. A badly-designed bathroom can break your back almost literarily. It is very much possible to worsen or increase your risk of slip disc or sciatica by bad sitting posture in the toilet. Poorly designed toilets facilitate bad sitting posture
  • Embarrass you – imagine where your bathroom is located in a place where people from the sitting room can easily see you without any barrier. If you are in that situation, be prepared for some really awkward moments.
  • Make you feel awkward and uncomfortable – It is not really comfortable bathing in a dark, stuffy, and humid bathroom with poor ventilation. You may soon have moulds growing everywhere
  • Makes grooming difficult – no one finds it pleasurable bathing in a bathroom with a moist, hot and uncomfortable environment. It is difficult to groom in a place where you have to do some dancing and difficult stunts over the toilet from the shower just to get your soap. You get the message…
  • Reduces the value of your home – a bad bathroom undermines the value of your home. No matter how good other rooms of your homes are.

At Bee Spoke Bathrooms, we understand the importance of a great bathroom design. That is why we have a team of experts which offer different services in remodelling your bathrooms such as carpentry, plumbing, flooring, tiling, installations and a host of other things you need for your bathroom.

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