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If you are in Gomshall and are all excited about remodelling your bathroom, we have some great tips on how to get the best out of your bathroom. Here are some mistakes you may want to avoid when remodelling your bathroom:

  1. No windows: Some bathrooms do not have any windows, or the windows are too small. While it is undesirable to have large windows where pervs can peek in, you should have some ventilation to avoid a damp and stuffy environment. If you can’t get windows, use a skylight.
  2. A clear display: keep your bathroom out of view from public places like the sitting room or dining room. It is a bathroom, not a shopping mall. If the architect of your building did a wacky job, then put some sort of barrier to restrict the view of the bathroom.
  3. Advertising the toilets: this is gross, to say the least. The toilet is not exactly the most desirable thing everyone wants to see. Keep it out of sight from adjacent rooms. It belongs to one boring (but well thought about) corner of the bathroom and should not be the star of the bathroom.

There are more mistakes many people make when remodelling their bathrooms but we cannot give you an exhaustive list. One way to avoid these mistakes is to use the services of an expert. At Bee Spoke Bathrooms, we have different experts in all areas you need to remodel your bathroom

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