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Where would you rather stay, a house with a bad bedroom or a house with a bad bathroom? The answer probably depends on how bad it is. Take a moment to think about it – if you have a badly designed, stuffy bedroom – you would probably have to find a sweet spot in the garbage-can-of-a-bedroom to sleep. However, if you have a stuffy bathroom with bad plumbing and you have to use a tap outside your house to get water, would you be able to live there for two weeks? While this may be an extreme example, having a badly-designed bathroom can make using the bathroom a cruel but necessary evil. It may even become an embarrassment to entertain guests and visitors.

If you find yourself in this situation and you live in Normandy there is good news. Bee Spoke Bathrooms is here to help. At Bee Spoke Bathrooms, we take pride in helping you “pimp your bathroom”. What we basically do is take any slum of a bathroom and convert it to a bathroom fit for a king. Whether it is just a small space or a large space, we can still bring out the beauty in your bathroom and help you maximise your space.

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